Small Intimate Wedding Ideas

Written by Liza Hartung
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When opting to stay away from large weddings, you may want some small, intimate wedding ideas. First, I would suggest choosing the place you would like your wedding. Do you want to stay near home? Go for a few hours' drive? Or, would you rather find a romantic place and fly there if you have to? If you have some ideas, but can't nail anything down, try doing a search online. When you look for romantic wedding spots, you will come up with more websites than you know what to do with.

Small weddings can be extremely romantic. People have small weddings for many different reasons. It will certainly save you money. Small weddings are less stressful and less time consuming. They are great for a couple that is very career-oriented. The money you save can be used toward a more exotic or extended honeymoon. Whatever your reasons, you want to make the most out of what you have.

Look for Small, Intimate Wedding Ideas

Some places, such as bed and breakfasts, will have small wedding packages. You will get a great room for a few nights and the price may even include such things as flowers, a photographer and a cake. Such places are great at helping you design your wedding because it is something they specialize in. If their packages aren't exactly what you want, but you love the location, the staff is sure to help with small, intimate wedding ideas.

Ask your family, friends and search the internet for small, intimate wedding ideas. If you are on a tight budget, look for package deals and ways to stretch your dollar. You can lighten your wedding with inexpensive white candles floating in bowls of water. Put a tiara made of flowers in your hair. Small weddings are generally more relaxed. Make it simple so that you can focus on your love and the fun you are having.

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