South Carolina Beach Weddings

Written by Liza Hartung
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Can you think of a more romantic way to get married than with South Carolina beach weddings? The beach is one of the most beautiful places to have as the background of your wedding. South Carolina being as romantic as it is, I don't know how you could go wrong, getting married in this great state. Imagine the sunset; you're standing on white sand, at an inn overlooking the ocean or on a yacht. The golden sun is reflecting off the shallow, choppy waves of the ocean.

Almost everyone thinks of the beach as romantic, especially at sunset. The light is beautiful, the sand is soft, and the dull roar of the ocean is enough to bring you to a state of bliss. Is it any wonder that most honeymoons are taken somewhere where there is an ocean and a white stretch of sandy shoreline? South Carolina beach weddings are the perfect setup for just such a honeymoon.

Golden Sunset South Carolina Beach Weddings

When you get married on a beach, you are putting yourself in a relaxing environment. This helps you to breathe and enjoy your wedding, rather than be uptight with making sure everything is perfect. Many couples go barefoot, and lots of weddings are done in slightly less formal wear. South Carolina beach weddings say something about the couple getting married. They say that the couple's outlook on life is open, free and natural. They are not confined in the traditional houses of marriage.

Charleston, in particular, does some spectacular weddings. Like many South Carolina towns, Charleston's historical charm in combination with the ocean is a perfect way to say, "I do." Those who choose a beach wedding will be delighted they did so. Guests rather enjoy the beach choice as well. The beach is also a perfect place to renew vows.

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