South Carolina Coast Getaways

Written by Liza Hartung
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Who wouldn't love South Carolina coast getaways? I know I would. South Carolina's coast spans over 60 miles of soft, sandy white beaches. It is rare that you will be on the sand, look out, and not see several sailboats. The waters of the Atlantic are perfect for swimming, boating and waterskiing. For those who don't know, the East Coast Atlantic waters are much warmer throughout the year than are the West Coast Pacific waters. Therefore, it is much easier to enjoy ocean activities in the East.

South Carolina has many coastline towns. Myrtle Beach, Georgetown, Charleston and Beaufort are some of the more popular choices. Whichever town is your number one pick, you are likely to have a fabulous time. South Carolina is a wonderful state rich in Southern hospitality and the beauty of nature. The sunsets and sunrises you will see over the Atlantic are hard to find anywhere else.

Take a Break with South Carolina Coast Getaways

South Carolina coast getaways are exactly that. They are a getaway for you and whomever you are traveling with. You will see some very beautiful sights, have some amazing meals and enjoy the outdoors. You will do all of this while being treated like old friends by everyone you come across. This is the perfect way to forget your worries and troubles, relax and get a tan.

I suggest taking a look on the Internet to see which beach towns are best suited for what you want. You can go to the popular Myrtle Beach, the historic Charleston, or some of the smaller towns. There are all kinds of South Carolina coast getaways, and you will be sure to find something fun. For those who have never been, you will soon want to make this an annual trip. For those who are returning, I need not convince you.

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