South Carolina Horseback Riding Info

Written by Liza Hartung
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You don't have to be an expert wrangler to go and look up South Carolina horseback riding info. Whether you have never been on a horse before or you have done professional shows for years, you can find a program for you. South Carolina is one of the most beautiful states I have ever seen. It is meant to be enjoyed out of doors. One of the best ways to see and appreciate the state is by horseback. You are riding on a living animal, which automatically puts you more in touch with nature than if you were in a car or on a bike. Plus, being in a car does not allow for good peripheral vision.

By looking at South Carolina horseback riding info, you will find that you can go horseback riding at points all over the state. I suggest taking a tour on horseback. This way, you have a leader keeping you on track and making sure you are handling your horse correctly. Also, you usually don't travel that fast so you can really take in your surroundings.

Great South Carolina Horseback Riding Info

Horseback riding can be a blast. Most people have never been, or are rarely exposed to this activity. Therefore, it is a great way to break out of the norm. It will add a little flavor to your life. I was in second grade the first time I ever went, or almost went. It was a Brownie trip. We got to this ranch and were assigned horses. We all learned how to sit on our horse. We sat there, waiting for our tour guide. While waiting, my horse had to do his business. When he squatted down, I freaked out and jumped off. I sat in the car while everyone else took the tour.

Now, some of you may be making fun of me for that. I give you permission to do so. I make fun of myself for that. Nowadays, however, if heading off to South Carolina, I would not just look up South Carolina horseback riding info; I would follow through and have a blast. I recommend that you do the same. If your horse squats at any point, it's okay. I promise.

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