South Carolina Nature Packages

Written by Liza Hartung
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Almost all the fun activities in South Carolina are outside, so, to get the most out of your money, try South Carolina nature packages. These packages can offer specific activities, such as golfing, sailing, tennis or garden tours. Alternatively, some of them come with a little bit of everything. The one you choose will be what best suits your travel needs.

For the golf fanatics in the crowd, you will not be disappointed. South Carolina is home to many top rated courses, according to Golf Digest. Usually, your package is given to you through the place you are staying. There are certain villas, condos and bed and breakfasts that will have packages such as all day play, a specific number of times to play, or, for the budget-conscious, unlimited play during specific hours. Break out your clubs and get ready for some of the most beautiful green you have ever seen.

South Carolina Nature Packages for Enjoyment

For anyone who enjoys the outdoors, you should definitely take advantage of South Carolina nature packages. South Carolina is a state of natural beauty. There are over 60 miles of sandy white beaches, the green Blue Ridge Mountains, countless flowering gardens and man-made sculptures. Whatever you choose to do in South Carolina will most likely be outside, so you might as well grab a nature package.

Some South Carolina nature packages will be beach-oriented because you are staying at the beach. These can include anything from sailing, snorkeling, lunches overlooking the ocean and other beach activities. When you are a little further inland, you will have packages that will likely include horseback riding, historic tours, garden walks, bird watching and some sports. Many activities will be available no matter where you are staying. Check with the inns and bed and breakfasts you are considering and see what kind of packages they have to offer you.

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