South Carolina Romantic Honeymoons

Written by Liza Hartung
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I cannot think of a better way in the United States to celebrate with your new spouse than with South Carolina romantic honeymoons. South Carolina is innately romantic. There are some towns that are more popular than others, but all are very dreamy. Most of South Carolina has a wonderful historical charm to it. Some places are historical, but they kind of rub it in. This is not the case in South Carolina. They use the proper manners and the friendly way of life that was back common back in the day.

Depending on the specific likes of you and your love, there are many kinds of South Carolina romantic honeymoons to choose from. Myrtle Beach, for instance, is a great place. It is the most popular town in South Carolina, so if you like being active and outdoors and don't mind crowds, consider staying here. Or, you can always go in the off-season and avoid some of the bigger numbers of people. If you like the idea of Myrtle Beach, but want to be able to feel secluded, stay in a nearby town that is smaller. Conway is one of these towns.

Charleston is another great place for South Carolina romantic honeymoons. This town is adorably historic with gorgeous overflowing gardens, horse drawn carriages, sculptures, buildings of Southern plantation style, and benches all around so you can rest and people watch. This town is also on the water so you can go sailing or take walks on the beach. Everyone I know who has ever been to Charleston cannot get enough.

South Carolina Romantic Honeymoons Can't Be Beat

One aspect that can make or break a romantic honeymoon is food. When couples are out celebrating, they want to have fin food and drink. Lucky for you, South Carolina has some of the best restaurants around. Many of them offer amazing cuisine and you will fall in love with them instantly. A romantic dinner for two lit with candles or brunch overlooking the ocean are wonderful ways to bask in your new marriage.

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I want to have a quick romantic get-away. I'm looking for a resort, that includes a few activities, and full course meals (not the continental breakfast of most hotels). I'm from the north where Lake George / The Adirondacks, and the Pocono Mountains were famous for these types of quick vacations. What's offered like that in SC?