South Carolina Vacation Rentals

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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If you're thinking about South Carolina vacation rentals, you have a variety of very attractive options. In the west of the state are the Blue Ridge Mountains and wild but quiet landscapes. In the central counties are old plantation lands, cotton fields, and a rich history. In the east are Charleston and the Low Country. While you can drive from the mountains to the coast easily enough in half a day, why rush in a state renowned for its quiet and leisure?

What to Enjoy of South Carolina Vacation Rentals

If you're a golfer you're likely to be drawn to the Atlantic Coast. Myrtle Beach or Hilton Head are two prime options for South Carolina vacation rentals. Both are renowned for their courses and beachfront property. Myrtle Beach--near the North Carolina border--is more lively, more informal, younger, and more of a resort. Hilton Head Island--just above the Georgia border--is quieter, relaxed, settled, and more residential.

If the live oaks and hauntingly beautiful landscapes of the Low Country appeal to you, look toward Hilton Head Island. On those 42 square miles you'll find freshwater wetlands, salt marshes, natural harbors, wide beaches, and a rich diversity of ecosystems. With 10,000 years of history, 24 first-rate golf courses, more than 260 tennis courts, and countless recreational opportunities, the island invites you to visit.

The lush forests of South Carolina's mountains stand in sharp contrast to the gentle coastal regions. There you'll find cooler temperatures, winding rivers, and opportunities for hiking, white water rafting, and viewing the many waterfalls of Oconee County. What all this means is that whether you choose an oceanfront condominium or a fairway villa or a cabin in the mountains, your choice among South Carolina vacation rentals will likely prove a home away from home.

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