Papeete Tahiti Vacation

Written by Norene Anderson
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A Papeete Tahiti vacation will be one that you will never forget. Papeete is the capitol city of Tahiti which is the most populated of the French Polynesian islands. The Port of Papeete is the only international port that serves all the French Polynesian islands. This opens up the traffic for the shopping center and other markets in the port area.

There is not another city like Papeete. The population is somewhere around 100,000. Everyone entering French Polynesia will make their way into Papeete. It is the only international airport. There are many things to see and do in Papeete that a Papeete Tahiti vacation is where many people start their Tahiti experience. In the outlying area, there are smaller islands that are not so highly populated.

Plan a Papeete Tahiti Vacation Online

Tahiti is a place of natural beauty with the interior waterfalls and green mountain peaks. The surrounding water is clear blue and provides miles and miles of water fun. The scuba diving is great opening up the view of coral reefs and all the underwater inhabitants. There are fishing excursions that will satisfy the heart of any fisherman. With a Papeete Tahiti vacation, you can take in all the sights of the island.

There is a lot of information on the Internet about arranging a Papeete Tahiti vacation. There are restaurants of international dining delicacies. There is excellent shopping in Papeete as well as museums and other activities to occupy hours of your time. You will have a vacation to remember forever. The culture and excitement of Tahiti will draw you back time and again.

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