Written by Norene Anderson
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If you want to go to the place where dreams are made of, think Tahiti. It is the largest island of the French Polynesian islands and you just can't beat the climate. You will find warm, tropical weather year round. There are two main seasons. From November through March the weather is warmer and humid. It is drier from April to October.

The average year-round temperature is 78° F, and the average water temperature is in the low 80s. This makes it very easy to pack your suitcases. Comfortable and cool natural fabrics such as cotton sundresses or T-shirts are perfect casual daytime attire. The appropriate evening wear would be slacks and a golf shirt for men and light dresses and resort wear for women.

Make Tahiti Your Destination

Most major credit cards are accepted at the hotels, restaurants, and shops. It is wise to confirm the acceptance of your card before making the trip. You should also check out the guidelines for customs restrictions. If you use a reputable travel agency to set up your vacation for you, they should be able to advise you of all the restrictions and precautions that will make your trip a relaxing time of enjoyment.

You will find fine dining that is comparable to those in other resort destinations. You should check with your travel agent about including meal plans in the package. This will often constitute a savings in your total expenses. Let the Internet be your guide to finding the best way to make Tahiti your next vacation paradise.

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