Tahiti Culture

Written by Norene Anderson
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Tahiti culture is multi-faceted. There are many things that speak only to the originality of Tahiti. Others are a mix of the French Polynesian islands. One of the things that was for centuries pure Tahitian was that of the art of tattooing. It was first practiced in the 1500s and was an integral part of the culture until missionaries influenced the society to stop. It was revived, however, in the 1980s and is once again growing in popularity.

Dances and great celebrations are also a vital part of Tahiti culture. Everything is commemorated by an elaborate show of music and dance. All celebrations are with excitement, music, and colorful attire nothing like you have seen any place else. The French Polynesian dances are filled with movement that is a language all its own. Every move is an interpretation of whatever is being sung about. Words and movement take on a meaning of celebration.

Tahiti Culture Is Exciting

The food is another part of Tahiti culture that you just cannot appreciate until you have tasted. Polynesian music adds a special dimension to the French and South Pacific food. Many of the better restaurants offer dinner shows or outside festivities that exudes with the ultimate of the culture of Tahiti. Any event can be made a celebration by embracing the Tahiti lifestyle.

For a life-changing experience, take a trip to Tahiti and learn first hand how and why the celebration never ends. They are a happy people that are warm and friendly just waiting to share with you the endless excitement that they enjoy every day as part of their life -their culture.

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