Tahiti Matavai Bay

Written by Norene Anderson
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Tahiti Matavai Bay has an interesting history and attraction for visitors to Tahiti. In the 1700s, Captain James Cook arrived at the Bay and dropped anchor following a trip from Plymouth that had lasted seven months and eighteen days. He arrived with a challenge from the Royal Society and the Royal Navy to be in Tahiti for the purpose of observing the transit of Venus.

Today, there are monuments built in Tahiti Matavai Bay honoring the efforts of Cook and turning the island into a legend. There are so many interesting things to see and do in Tahiti that you must take time to explore some of the history. A lagoon except for part of the north coast surrounds Tahiti. If you go to the Taharaa viewpoint, the Tahiti Matavai Bay can be seen.

Learn about Tahiti Matavai Bay

It only takes a short time exploring the island to find there are activities of all kinds to keep everyone busy. There are trails for hiking and biking. There are horseback rides to the scenic interior. There is a beautiful golf course for all the avid golfers. The kids will have plenty of activities to keep them busy. There are all kinds of water sports to occupy your time. Surfing and fishing are two of the most popular water activities.

Allow time for a scenic tour that will take you to Tahiti Matavai Bay for an enlightening Tahiti history lesson. It is not only pertinent to the local community; it is also a vital link in history to the rest of the world. Explore the world through the beauty surrounding the events at Matavai Bay.

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