Tahiti Restaurants

Written by Norene Anderson
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Tahiti restaurants are some of the most popular for international cuisine. The island is noted for having some very different types of fresh fruit and vegetables that add a unique taste and blend of Polynesian culture. There are several different types of bananas. There is a table banana that is more what we are accustomed to; and then, there is a cooking banana. It must be cooked prior to eating.

Another popular fruit is called 'breadfruit' of which there are a number of varieties. The most common in Tahiti is the Uru that has about fifty different varieties alone. This fruit can be eaten fresh, cooked, or allowed to ferment. There are also very popular roots of which Ufi is well known for its energetic value. Another favorite is the sweet potato that boasts around one hundred different types.

Find a Variety of Tahiti Restaurants

There are so many locally grown specialties that it is a diner's paradise to challenge the taste buds and take in the favorites of the residents. In addition to the elegant dining that is available, there are a number of Tahiti restaurants that are designed with the family in mind. There are restaurants that specialize in French cuisine and others that have Tex-Mex.

If you are looking for the nightlife, there are Tahiti restaurants that have fabulous dinner shows with entertainment that will hold you captive. There are also discos for those that want to participate in the music environment. Some have an ocean view while others are romantically secluded. There is something for every taste and desire. Whether you are on a fishing vacation or a romantic get-away, there will be a dining experience that will fit in your plan.

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