Tahiti Vacation

Written by Norene Anderson
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Plan the trip of a lifetime and take a Tahiti vacation. This is one place that you can find something for everyone and every occasion. French Polynesia is comprised of Tahiti and Her Islands that are scattered over one and a half million square miles of ocean in the eastern South Pacific. Tahiti is the largest island in French Polynesia.

The temperature is fairly constant year around at 79 degrees. This is for both the air and the water! It is a tropical atmosphere with plenty of sun and just enough rain to keep the waterfalls flowing and beautiful flowers blooming. The great thing about taking a Tahiti vacation is that you can take it any time during the year and have great weather.

Check Out the Fun

The beaches are a beautiful white sand and the culture is colorful. There are activities to satisfy any desire whether by land or by water. Some of the action that is available on land include golf at a 6944-yard, par 72 course that features two man-made lakes. There is also hiking that brave travelers will want to include in their schedule. You can get an up-close look at waterfalls and natural pools.

There is also horseback riding with a number of first-class stables to choose from and tennis at a variety of tennis courts. There is no place for boredom on your Tahiti vacation. If you are going for the purpose of enjoying the water, then you are in for a real treat. Tahiti is known as the "Queen of the Pacific." You can have your fill of many water activities.

A Tahiti Vacation Is Water Fun

Diving is one of the most popular sports in Tahiti. This is where you can view sunken planes, exotic fish, and sharks. There is also night diving in some sites. If fishing is your sport, there are many kinds of fish to challenge you including marlins, mahimahi, yellowfin tuna, and others. You can even choose a vessel that caters to deep-sea anglers.

There is always a surf in Tahiti. This is especially true in winter when the swells break resulting in tubular waves. Sailing is an ingredient for a truly memorable Tahiti vacation. You can rent all sizes from bareboats to yachts. You can even rent a skipper and cooks to prepare and serve an elegant meal and make your time a memorable afternoon or evening.

Enjoy Yourself to the Limit

Just think of all the special events that you can plan in Tahiti. Have you thought about the uniqueness of island weddings? Everything you need is readily available including the most romantic honeymoon experience you could imagine. You can find a Tahiti accommodation that will fit in your plans whether you are planning a wedding excursion or just a relaxing vacation to get away from it all.

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