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Cabin Rentals In Pigeon Forge Tn

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Cabin rentals in Pigeon Forge TN cover the base of the Smoky Mountains. Of the 11 million visitors each year, more than half spend some amount of time in Pigeon Forge. As you've learned in earlier pages in this site, there are plenty of attractions and things to do in Pigeon Forge, which is the reason this area is one of the most widely visited sections in the United States.

A History of Pigeon Forge

How did Pigeon Forge acquire its name? The name was founded in 1820 when a man named Isaac Love built an iron forge or workshop on the Little Pigeon River. In 1885 the forge was taken down and replaced by a mill which still stands today. This mill, called the Old Mill is more than 150 years old and is still operating with the same machinery.

There are several different historical tours you can take on your vacation. There you can learn more about the historical importance of this small town and learn how it has grown into a vacation empire. Tours, park tickets, shows and cabin rentals in Pigeon Forge TN are all part of what makes this experience unique.

Educating Your Kids with Cabin Rentals in Pigeon Forge TN

As parents you may be looking for an excursion that is both fun and stimulating for your children. Pigeon Forge can offer you just that. With museums and historical monuments, you're children will learn as they are enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

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