Gatlinburg Attractions

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Gatlinburg, Tennessee is loaded with attractions. Outdoor adventures, live music, arts and crafts, museums and other fun things to see and do fill this little country corner. Whatever your taste, chances are you can get your fill in Gatlinburg.

Gatlinburg: Scary, Scary

Haunted houses and the like are very popular here. The town, in fact, boasts three haunted adventures, one courtesy of Ripley's, and two local ventures. They are all reportedly good, scary fun, though not necessarily appropriate for the wee ones.

In addition to their Haunted Adventure, Ripley also plays host to an enormous aquarium, the finest in the area, and among the most impressive in the country. Stingrays, sharks and impressive coral reef and tropical rainforest exhibits make education fun, and provide wonderful opportunities to discover the undersea world. The "Sleep with the Sharks" exhibit actually allows wee ones to spend the night in the aquarium, in a specially designed center where the children can see the sharks circling overhead as they curl up in sleeping bags below.

Museums, too, are all over the place in Gatlinburg. Whether you're a fan of vintage cars, optical illusions, or Believe It or Not curiosities, Gatlinburg is packed with interesting nooks and crannies. Both Ripley's and the Guinness Book of World Records have museums here. Although the outdoor attractions may be constantly competing for your attention, there's plenty of indoor delights such as these, to more than fill up any given weekend trip to Gatlinburg.

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