Gatlinburg Cabins And Chalets

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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What Pigeon Forge is to country and bluegrass music, Gatlinburg is to arts and crafts. Gatlinburg is home to the largest group of independent artisans in the entire country. Here you can see artists at work creating things of use and beauty, being made with the same skill and loving attention practiced for centuries.

Made by Hand, with Love and Skill

Downtown Gatlinburg features an eight-mile loop of local artists practicing their crafts. You can find handmade candles, baskets, ceramics, leather goods, jewelry and more. Some of the more unique shops and businesses even practice their trade while you watch--such as broom- and chair-making, glass blowing, pottery making and more.

July and October are peak times for fans of these skills. The bi-annual Craftsman's Fairs take place during these months, where the finest not only from Gatlinburg but from the entire region show up for a festival of arts, crafts, bluegrass music and delicious foods. Masters in stained glass, jewelry, woodcarving, scrimshaw and more show up and set up shop, providing a marvelous opportunity for collectors of all budgets.

Gatlinburg cabins and chalets are popular lodging sites all year round, but particularly during the festival times. Be sure to start your "cabin shopping" early, to find the exact one that meets your needs in terms of appointments, ambience and location. Traffic is notoriously bad on the loop in high season, so it's advisable to find a cabin or chalet near either the Gatlinburg Mass Transit Center, or anywhere along highway 321. This is the "pick up and drop off" route for the yellow line trolley that travels the entire eight-mile loop all day, for an all-day fare of one dollar.

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