Gatlinburg Luxury Cabin Rentals

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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The luxury cabin rental market in Gatlinburg has gone through the roof. They appear to be everywhere--some of the most beautiful homes anyone's ever laid eyes on, and they're available by the night, or the week, and--compared to most big city hotels--they are shockingly affordable. The rentals available include beautiful wood and glass structures with six enormous bedrooms, great rooms, game rooms, wrap-around sun decks, stone fireplaces and outdoor hottubs are available. You do pay a price for luxury, though--such a cabin can cost around $600 a night.

Six hundred dollars is a lot of money. But divided by three couples, it's more than reasonable. Ladies and gentlemen, that's fifty bucks a night a person, for one of the most beautiful homes anyone's had the privilege to roast a chicken and open a bag of Doritos in.

Gatlinburg Luxury Cabin Rentals: Money in the Bank

The rates reflect the growing number of luxury rental chalets in the area. And the numbers are indeed growing, for at least two reasons. Tourism in the area continues to climb. Also, many people like having a vacation home for which other people foot the bill.

Most of the luxury cabins available for rent are actually privately-owned vacation homes. The owners designed and built them to meet the needs of the most discriminating visitor. In many cases, they spared no expense. Once the showplace is built, they turn the finished, furnished space over to a management company which handles the reservations and maintenance. The owners spend time in their holiday home when they feel like it, and let guests pay the mortgage for them when they're gone.

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