Pigeon Forge Accommodations

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Though log cabins and chalets are delightful lodging in Pigeon Forge year-round, they are particularly desirable during spring, winter and fall. Though, of course, every kind of lodging and accommodation in Pigeon Forge will have a window from which to admire the view, during the months where seasons are shifting from one to the next, the spectacular views afforded by most of the cabins and chalets are a benefit that the other types simply can't offer. A well-designed log cabin or chalet effectively brings the great outdoors right into your living room.

Most log cabins in the Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg area were built with their environments in mind. Most feature enormous windows and sliding glass doors, offering breathtaking views of the peaks and mountain valleys. It's not uncommon for whole walls, several stories high, to be filled with huge picture windows, allowing the majesty of the area to be in your sightline 24 hours a day.

Log cabins and chalets typically have large outdoor areas, which effectively bring "the indoors out." Many have enormous outdoor living areas, like wrap-around decks, and full room-size patios. Here one can grill up some steaks, sit in the rocker and watch the sun rise or set, or dine al fresco--all the while taking in the riotous colors of the changing leaves of fall, the burgeoning flowers of spring, or the dramatic landscape afforded by winter trees covered with snow.

Come on in--The Water Is Fine

These outdoor areas often have hot tubs on the decks, too. This essentially creates an "outdoor spa," where one can take a relaxing soak in the middle of nature. Design details like these allow for top drawer accommodations that make every minute of your Pigeon Forge vacation an outdoor getaway--even if you never step outside.

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