Smoky Mountain Vacation Rentals

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Smoky mountain vacation rentals are a perfect spot to call home between hiking, fishing, skiing and other outdoor pursuits. Like your own sportsman's lodge, these log cabins typically feature rustic good looks coupled with modern conveniences. Many weekend sports enthusiasts find that renting their own cabin in the woods beats the pants off highway lodging, and is often no more expensive.

Gone Fishin'

For guys looking to do a little fishing or just take a "weekend with the guys," Smoky Mountain rentals are a perfect spot to relax and kick back. The timber walls and stone fireplace are reminiscent of sports lodges of days gone by, only better. After all, now they've got cable.

After a big day spent fishing, there's nothing better than having your own grill fired up and ready. Motels won't likely enjoy your doing "clean up" in the parking lot, but in the driveway of your own log cabin, complete with outdoor water/hose hookups and secure trash facilities, fish clean up is a breeze. Plus, many top-line cabins and chalets also feature fully-equipped kitchens, complete with automatic dishwashers, making after dinner clean up a snap. Full-size refrigerators and freezers come in real handy, perfect for storing beer and other necessities, as well as any "catch" that didn't get cooked up right away.

Plus, lots of cabins and chalets have multiple televisions, making watching football on any given Sunday a pleasure for everyone. With Lions in the den, Steelers in the living room, Patriots in the back bedroom, everyone can witness "their" game first hand. Cheer as loud as you like; in a Smoky Mountain rental, you feel like you've got the whole country to yourself.

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