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Smoky Mountains Cabin

Written by Jessica Duquette
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A Smoky Mountains cabin can range from extremely rustic to an ultra modern rental home. Although most of the cabins are privately owned, there are still a number of opportunities to rent throughout the year. There is no rental feeling to these homes as most owners take great pride in the cabin's appearance and authenticity.

Finding a Smoky Mountains Cabin

While many people enjoy the Smoky Mountains enough to purchase a vacation home there, very few spend twelve months out of the year holed up in Smoky Mountains cabin. This real estate makes an ideal rental property, and many owners choose to loan their cabins to visitors. The internet can provide you with the resources you need to locate and rent your own log chalet in eastern Tennessee.

One of the largest protected areas in the eastern United States; the Smoky Mountains straddle the border of North Carolina and Tennessee. Once a part of the Cherokee homeland, the Smoky Mountains attract more than nine million visitors each year. The national park is open year round and easily accessible from many major interstates.

Unlimited Activities

The Smokies offer activities for visitors of various ages and interests including camping, 800 miles of hiking trails, picnicking, sightseeing and fishing. Guided horseback rides are also available in both Tennessee and North Carolina. In addition, the mountains offer a tremendous array of bird species making it a top location for bird watching.

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