Tennessee Honeymoon Cabins

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Log cabins and chalets are among the ideal accommodations for honeymooners. Unlike hotels, which can be lovely, you're never shoulder to shoulder with other guests. Tennessee honeymoon cabins are beautiful, private, and very, very romantic.

Hundreds of thousands of couples get married, and consequently honeymoon, in Tennessee every year. Rather than viewing weddings as routine, Gatlinburg in particular celebrates this expertise, and features many accommodations designed specifically to cater to the needs of newlyweds and other romantic sojourners. Fireplaces, indoor jacuzzis, and outdoor hot-tubs are just a few of the features one can find in nearly every Tennessee honeymoon cabin.

"We'll Always Have Gatlinburg"

The best honeymoon cabins have beautiful bedding, with high-count linens and stacks of soft pillows. They've got roaring fireplaces, and great big refrigerators--perfect for stocking all the necessities, like smoked oysters, strawberries and champagne. They've got great entertainment systems, perfect for loading music to dance to under the stars on the deck, or curling up on the spacious overstuffed divan and watching Casablanca.

But of course, the greatest advantage a Tennessee honeymoon cabin offers over, say, the Bridal Suite at Hotels R Us, is privacy. No matter how many times we may have walked around the block (as it were), every bride wants her privacy when it comes to her honeymoon. Cabins and chalets are free-standing, on their own little plot of earth. This allows freedom to laugh out loud, kiss on the deck in full view of the stars and moon, sit in the buff in the outdoor hot tub. "Here's lookin' at you, kid" indeed.

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