Tennessee Mountain Weddings

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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In terms of setting, perhaps none is more beautiful for a Tennessee mountain wedding than to be in the shadows of the purple mountains themselves. Many couples choose this serene environment for the most sacred moment of their adult lives. The pristine wilderness for many marks a perfect spot to set out in their own unknown, but hopeful future.

Blessed is the Spot

The giant mountains communicate stillness and ability to withstand trials. The ancient trees symbolize a loving union that grows over time. The water moving in streams, rivers and over waterfalls represents change, and the ability to literally "flow" as inevitable obstacles arise.

Getting married in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a simple affair. Unless your party is very large, with over 20 guests, no permits nor special permissions are required. Many local ministers and photographers are accustomed to performing weddings in the park, and can lead you in the right direction in terms of setting and logistics.

Of course, some of the most beautiful spots in the park for weddings are a little remote. If you have people in your party, such as an elderly parent or grandparent, you may want to choose more even terrain, or ultimately opt for an indoor service. However, if everyone is perfectly willing and able to step over a few stones or make their way down a winding path, there may be no more beautiful spot on earth for a wedding than within the park. Weddings are a sacred affair. A sacred environment helps them get off to a good start.

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