Central Texas Bed And Breakfasts

Written by Robert Mac
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Central Texas isn't just the geographic center of this large state, but the cultural center, too. With Austin, the capitol, also in the area, the heart of Texas is the governmental hub as well. It's no wonder that so many people visit the area--there's lots to do and lots of room to do it in. Tourists to Texas spend more than $20 billion every year in the Lone Star State, and a good portion of it is--like the song says--deep in the heart of Texas.

A Bed and Breakfast Is a Pleasant Change of Pace

The good thing about visiting Central Texas is that there are hotel rooms galore. The bad thing is that they're so homogenized that you won't feel like you're in Texas at all. Consistency is important for a big hotel chain, but it comes at the expense of local color.

Staying at a Radisson, for instance, might be familiar, but if you can't tell if you're in Dallas or Detroit, you're missing out on what the place you're visiting has to offer in terms of local culture. If you stay at a bed and breakfast, however, you'll be staying with genuine locals. In fact, you'll sleep on their beds and eat their cooking.

B & Bs are more charming than typical hotels, and each has its own personality. It might be an old boarding house, a ranch hand's cabin, or a remodeled plantation estate. Central Texas has its share of B & Bs, including some that are in the middle of working cattle ranches.

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