College Station Bed And Breakfasts

Written by Mary Evans
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College Station, Texas, is home to Texas A & M University and the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum. Also, it's at the end of the Presidential Corridor, a route that begins at the State Capitol in Austin and has connections to both Bush Presidents as well as Lyndon Johnson. It's an area that is rich with local, state, and national history, and plenty of Texas pride.

Texas A & M couldn't be more centrally located: it's equidistant from Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio--three of the ten largest cities in the U.S. It's also near Austin and the heart of the state's government. The university is a city itself; with 44,000 students, it's one of the largest universities in the country, and the state's first public institution for higher education.

Where to Stay While Visiting College Station

Since College Station is in the heart of so much governmental, historical, and educational activity, you can image the visitors it receives. There are certainly plenty of chain hotels and discount motels in the area, but for something special, bed and breakfasts are a nice alternative. Since they are smaller and usually independently owned, you'll get friendlier service . . . usually from the owners themselves.

The differences between generic hotels and B & Bs can only be appreciated first hand. You are literally sharing someone's home, so it's like visiting long-lost family. Each one is unique, also: you might be staying in a plantation home, a historic cottage, or even in the middle of a working cattle ranch.

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