Country Wedding Ideas

Written by Mary Evans
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Thinking of something different for your wedding? With all the stress that goes into planning such an event--from caterers to hotels to reception venues--it's no wonder the institution of marriage is under attack: the cards are stacked against it from day one. A less formal wedding, such as a secluded affair in the country, eliminates a lot of the worry so you can focus on the ceremony itself.

Casual Country Wedding Ideas

The slower pace is the first thing you'll notice about life in the country; people live farther apart and that slows things down quite a bit. There's none of the crushing need to catch a cab or a subway. Instead, people mosey along and literally have time to stop and smell the flowers. It's the antithesis of the go-go-go of the city, and puts people in a more relaxed frame of mind--ideal for a wedding.

All a wedding needs is loved ones and flowers, and a secluded country resort or inn can easily have both; Brenham, Texas, for instance, is full of beautiful fields purpled with bluebonnets. It also has a number of out-of-the-way bed and breakfasts that cater to these special events. They can do all the legwork for you, so you can enjoy the great outdoors and the solitude of Central Texas.

In fact, the Mariposa Ranch--an inn with a working ranch on the premises--will take care of the menu and all the annoying details. With eight historic buildings dating from the 1800s scattered over their 100 acres, they have just enough space for the happy families, but plenty of privacy for the newlyweds, too. Your family will remember your old-fashioned country wedding until the cows come home.

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