Historical Bed And Breakfasts

Written by Mary Evans
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Historical bed and breakfasts are perfect for history buffs or anyone who wants to escape today's hustle and bustle for a simpler (and quieter) time. As is typically the case, most independently owned inns and B & Bs have much more "personality" than chain hotels. They usually reflect the style and tastes of the owners, and can range from unique to downright quirky, but then, don't most people?

Hotel chains require consistency in their hotels--that's why a Holiday Inn in Houston looks like one in Honolulu. On the other hand, Bed and Breakfasts don't have to tow the company line: they pretty much are the company line. They can adopt any style they like--country cottages, comfortable coffee houses, and even historic recreations.

Go Back in Time When You Get Away

Historically-themed Bed and Breakfasts are a fairly common motif, as many of them occupy remodeled historic buildings. Add some period furnishings and antique maps from that era and viola!--you have created a virtual time machine back to that specific date. For more authenticity, you can even find B & Bs with cottages, log cabins, and a Plantation home built in the 1800s--right next to a working cattle ranch!

It's always a treat to escape the chaos of modern living by holing up in a remote inn, but one that is set in the 1800s is really getting away from it all. (And yes, they come with all the modern conveniences--some even have Jacuzzis in their rooms.) We live in a culture that tends to glorify itself at the expense of what brought us here--the very history that lead us to this point--and it's important to revisit those historic times and places.

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