Romantic Brenham Bed And Breakfasts

Written by Mary Evans
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Brenham, Texas is a romantic place for a couple of reasons. First, it has a lot of flowers, and that's nothing to sneeze at (unless you're allergic). It's not just the world's capital for bluebonnets, which turn entire fields blue during the early spring, but it's a great place for roses, too. The Antique Rose Emporium has out-of-circulation roses for sale, plus gardens that show off native plants.

Brenham Has Charming B & Bs, Too

Brenham is also high on the romance-meter because of its quaint bed and breakfasts. The whole area is historically-flavored--the birthplace of the Republic of Texas is not far away--and some of the inns continue the historic motif. For instance, the Mariposa Ranch started at the turn of the century and was a simple farmhouse with a ranch.

The ranch is still operating, but the farmhouse has been turned into lovely accommodations, filled with antiques from the era. In time, other historic buildings were added to the grounds--from a cowboy's cabin to a quaint cottage--and those also became part of the bed and breakfast. While they all contain antiques, they have modern conveniences, too, like VCRs and in-room Jacuzzis.

The cozy feeling of the rooms--people didn't need as much space back then--turn up the romance. There's more of a reason to cuddle, and the secluded lodgings encourage couples to spend time together... alone. Breakfast in bed, massages, and candlelit dinners each do their share to make your getaway more romantic.

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