Romantic Texas Bed And Breakfasts

Written by Robert Mac
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A romantic Texas bed and breakfast is not just an ideal getaway location for a wedding or honeymoon, but can be a quiet place for a business retreat or family reunion, too. Texas is filled with both thriving metropolitan areas (including three of America's ten largest cities) and rugged backcountry. When the pace and the noise of the city become too much, take a break in an off-the-beaten-path bed and breakfast.

Whenever people want to return to simpler times, they return to nature: water, open fields, and starry nights take us back to a quieter era. Once the hustle and bustle is turned off--along with cell phones and Palm Pilots--people can enjoy the forgotten pleasures, like home-cooked meals, picnics in a wide-open field, and romantic nights for two. When was the last time you and your partner had a private room with a Jacuzzi and slept in until lunch?

Bed and Breakfasts Rekindle the Romance

I've stayed in a number of B and Bs, in both the US and in England; I've also stayed in a lot of generic hotels and motels. The difference is memorable: bed and breakfasts are run by real people who also live there. A hotel chain is run from a corporate office in another state (or country) and doesn't share the intimacy of a B and B. If you want the personality of down-to-earth folks and the charm of individual cottages, there is only one choice.

Texas is a proud state, and for good reason: they have a wonderfully colorful history filled with heroes. They are also unique in that they share Southern hospitality--everyone there is polite as can be--and Western optimism. It's a great state for a couple to relax, count the stars, and take a weekend--or a whole week--unwinding in a charming B and B.

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