Romantic Texas Getaways

Written by Mary Evans
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Looking for a romantic getaway in the heart of Texas? If you find the right place--one that has exactly the features you need--the Lone Star state won't be lonely at all. A quiet getaway is the place to rekindle the flame of romance or maybe take it to the next level: pop the question or say "I do." Texas is a big place, and the chances are good that you'll eventually find the magical spot.

The Heart of Texas Is for Lovers

They say Virginia is for lovers, but there is plenty for lovers to get excited about in the heartland of Texas, too. Old-fashioned virtues like romance and hospitality thrive in smaller communities that haven't been inundated with our fast-paced culture. When society goes too fast, the old virtues are the first ones to go--when was the last time you saw a boy scout help an old lady cross the street?

Luckily, romance is alive and well--along with history itself--at the Mariposa Ranch in Brenham, Texas. The Mariposa is a true ranch with plenty of cattle, but it's a quaint inn as well; it's actually a collection of historic buildings that make for very private accommodations. While they date back to the 1800s and have period furnishings, they also have some nice modern appliances--like a Jacuzzi built for two.

Brenham is located in an open area of the state, but surrounded by a variety of things to do. There's plenty of nature around, particularly botany: the area is full of bluebonnet flowers and beautiful gardens that feature roses and many native plants. Antique fairs and state historic parts are also nearby for couples looking to prolong their romantic weekends.

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