Romantic Texas Weekends

Written by Mary Evans
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Romantic Texas weekends are just a hop, skip, and jump away from any of the big cities in the middle of the state. While the large cities offer the excitement of culture and plenty of activities, between them are smaller towns that offer peace and quiet. If you want a romantic getaway, slow things down a notch by heading out of town and into the country.

Eliminate Distractions to Increase the Romance

Romance is truly a lost art in our fast-paced society. It's all about wooing with a slow, deliberate approach, which doesn't mesh with today's need for instant satisfaction. Romance isn't about the destination, but the journey; sadly, more people today are too busy worried about arriving than enjoying the ride.

Romance experts, if that's what they're called, say it's easy to rekindle the romance in a relationship. A weekend getaway is a great first step--and Texas has plenty of quiet inns--but it's more than just getting out of the same routine. Romance is sensual, and to rekindle it, you need to shift your attention to the senses: sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste.

A romantic dinner, for instance, incorporates all those senses; candles add a romantic touch to any situation. A getaway weekend to a country bed and breakfast is another way to get out of the ordinary and use some senses that we take for granted. A field of blooming wildflowers is an ideal setting for a romantic picnic, for instance; the slower pace of the great outdoors lets you focus on your senses, heightening the romantic possibilities.

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