Texas Antiques

Written by Mary Evans
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Right near the middle of Central Texas, between Houston and Austin, is a tiny place called Round Top, population 81. Take good notes, because this hole in the wall place doesn't even show up on some maps, and is a faint dot on others. It's a shame, too: Round Top hosts one of the world's most famous antique fairs.

Semi-Annual Event Attracts Thousands

Twice each year, Round Top's population explodes as antique collectors gather in Texas's smallest incorporated city to see the latest in the world of antiques. The exhibitors are the best in the business and bring only their newest finds. If you want to see fresh antiques--I think you know what I mean--find a big map with all the small towns of the Texas heartland.

The entire area is rich with history and long forgotten arts and crafts; a Folk Art Fair is also in the area, focusing on artisans' woodcarvings, needlework, ceramics and other traditional crafts. No mass-produced pieces here, either; these are all handcrafted with the same old-world care as Round Top's antiques. For even more antiques and historic furnishings, the Mariposa Ranch is in nearby Brenham.

The Mariposa is a working ranch, secluded bed and breakfast, and living history museum (and antique show!) in one. Its accommodations are all remodeled historic buildings--from cabins to plantation homes--that are furnished in period pieces. If you want to collect some great antiques from the most historic area of Texas, get a map and a magnifying glass and plan your route to the Round Top area.

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