Texas Bed And Breakfast Weddings

Written by Mary Evans
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Texas bed and breakfast weddings have it all: the privacy and home-style comfort of a B & B, plus the hospitality of the Lone Star State. What else could you ask for? Your special day should be as comfortable and memorable as possible, and having it at a charming location in a friendly state is a good place to start.

Bed and Breakfasts Beat Boring Hotels

I've stayed at a handful of B & Bs in my day, and they are each more memorable than the thousands of standard hotels I've stayed in. Why? Hotels thrive on uniformity, just like fast food restaurants. Bed and breakfasts stand out because of their uniqueness, like a quirky one-of-a-kind restaurant. Each has it benefits.

If you're a business traveler looking for familiar accommodations, a chain hotel is probably what you're looking for; you might even have "frequent flyer miles" at one. But for a special event, or the special event--a wedding--a more distinctive location should be your goal. Bed and breakfasts are warm and friendly; they are more willing to attend to a wedding's specific requirements--just ask.

Speaking of friendly, the word Texas means friendly, and it's an accurate description. Like many southerners, most Texans are personal and genuine; and Texans who run B & Bs tend to be even more outgoing. The charm of a bed and breakfast in the friendly state of Texas is a combination that's well suited to a simple romantic wedding.

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