Texas Destination Weddings

Written by Robert Mac
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The historic heartland of Texas is ideal for couples seeking a wedding in a quiet location with plenty of Southern hospitality. In fact, Central Texas has secluded bed and breakfasts that can handle your wedding and reception, plus lodge all your guests. The lucky couple can even share a Jacuzzi in a cozy private cabin.

Historic Inns Cater Entire Wedding Parties

The proud history of Texas permeates the entire middle of the state. Historic buildings, sites, and even antique fairs relive the era that saw Texas' fight for independence. Remember the Alamo refers to an entire period, not just its most famous battleground.

One such historic location is the Mariposa Ranch in Brenham, Texas. It seems like it's lost in time amid the 100-acre cattle ranch and historic buildings that dot the site. You could find yourself in a 1836 home, furnished with period antiques (plus modern conveniences, too) or a real cowboy cabin. With a variety of accommodations, a large area to work in, and plenty of helpful staff, you could base a wedding there.

This secluded ranch is a few miles and a hundred years from the stress of today's big cities. If you only want to remember the wedding and not the headache of arranging the wedding, let their staff put everything together for you. They'll even recommend activities for all the party guests, as there are plenty of area attractions for both young and old alike.

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