Texas Hideaways

Written by Robert Mac
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Charming historic cottages. Fields of glorious wildflowers. A comfortable pace that's slower than the drifting clouds. Plenty of Southern friendliness and generosity. Open spaces and warm people. What ingredients are you looking for in the perfect Texas hideaway?

Seclusion Is a Must

For a hideaway to truly be considered ideal, it must be secluded, but still close to the real world, too. Take Brenham, Texas. It's in the central part of the state, equidistant to the state's three big cities as well as the capital, Austin. Even though it's about an hour drive from Houston, it's 150 years removed from today. It's secluded by both time and geography.

Going back in time is worth it when the present becomes too claustrophobic. When the noise and stresses of an urban existence require you to take a break, a trip back to a simpler time can clear your head. And the slow pace and honest people of an earlier era will make you nostalgic for the good old days. We've made a lot of technical advancements in the last generations, but we've given up a lot of the courtesies from earlier times.

The Mariposa Ranch in Brenham is one such vortex back to a previous life. It's a ranch that looks like it's been operating for about a century--that's how far back the original ranch home dates--and it's furnished from that period, too. Other buildings on site date back even further, and are currently in use as a charming bed and breakfast that drips with history. You can't get more secluded than the 1800s.

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