Texas Historical Inns

Written by Robert Mac
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Texas historical inns can be found all over the heartland of Central Texas, where the state got its start. Forget about Dallas and Houston; the Republic of Texas was born in Washington, a small town near a ferry landing on the Brazos River. While Santa Anna and his men were making heroes out of William B. Travis and Jim Bowie, delegates in Washington revolted against Mexico to form the Republic of Texas.

Central Texas is still the historic center of the Lone Star State. Washington-on-the-Brazos, as it is now known, has been re-christened as the rightful birthplace of the state and is the site of annual Texas Independence celebrations. The entire area is draped in history, from world-famous antique fairs to turn-of-the-century (and earlier!) historic inns.

Life in the 1800s

One bed and breakfast, the Mariposa Ranch in nearby Brenham, comprises eight historic structures scattered about a hundred acres of working cattle ranch. Furnished in period furniture and pieces, each building captures a certain era. Stay in a 1825 log cabin or in a much more modern 1900-era Texas homestead and go back to an earlier time.

The Mariposa is a history-lover's dream. With maps and artifacts from the Independence era of the state's history evident throughout the rooms, you'll be in the middle of a living history lesson. On top of that, you'll also get another treat that is just as rare as some of these delicate antiques: a dose of old-fashioned hospitality. The Mariposa Ranch is a time machine to a different period, when manners and generosity were still popular and the state of Texas was just a baby.

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