Texas Meetings

Written by Mary Evans
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Pity the poor businessperson. Running (or flying, more likely) from meeting to meeting, crossing the country to get to the next conference room in the next hotel in the next town. Since the hotels are all alike, they begin to blur in one's memory. If you've seen one hotel, you've seen them all.

They say variety is the spice of life because, well, it is. If you don't mix it up once in a while, life starts to run on autopilot. Everyone needs to try something different once in a while. If you have ham and cheese sandwiches everyday at lunch, you'll really enjoy the tuna salad when you eventually order it. If you ever order it, that is--and that's the important part, taking the necessary steps to make a change.

A Business Meeting at a Ranch Is a Change of Pace

Texas is chock full of big cities--it has more cities in the top ten than any other state, after all--and full of plenty of hotels that cater to businesspeople on the go. Hotel conference centers are about as sterile as . . . hotel meeting rooms. Why would anyone want to meet in such a generic place time after time? Texas has much more to offer than that.

An out-of-the-way inn or bed and breakfast is not only a great change of pace from the same old meeting places, but it's what thinking outside the box is all about. Having a meeting out of the commotion of the city and in the middle of a 19th century plantation-style B & B is just the breath of fresh air those poor businesspeople need. They have the same accommodations as a "regular" meeting place, but will put you in a much more relaxed state of mind.

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