Texas Reception Sites

Written by Robert Mac
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My fiance and I have been talking about our wedding for quite a while now, and the more we think about a reception site, the more confused we get. Each place has its own list of pros and cons: some are nicer but don't have on-site cooking facilities, others are gorgeous, but only at night. We sometimes call the planning of the wedding the dreading because of all the stresses involved.

Historic Texas Is Charming

One option is the heartland of Central Texas, inside the area encircled by the state's three very large cities. The interior of the state is filled with smaller towns that run on Southern hospitality and Texan pride. In fact, the birthplace of Texas--a small town on the Brazos River called Washington--is the geographic and symbolic center of historic Texas.

The area around Washington is the ideal backdrop for a wedding. There are plenty of historic towns that seem to live in the past with their old-time friendliness and plethora of old buildings. The fields, especially during the bloom of spring, are a romantic's dream--the bluebonnets and other colorful flowers are truly breathtaking.

The Mariposa Ranch is in nearby Brenham and can cater both the wedding and the reception. In fact, this bed and breakfast based in historic cottages can lodge a decent sized wedding party as well as handle the wedding, reception venue, and all the fixin's. The accommodations are private, charming, and modern, too: the happy couple can enjoy a Jacuzzi for two inside their mid-1800s cabin.

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