Texas Retreats

Written by Robert Mac
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Don't say retreat too loudly when you're in Texas, unless you mean a corporate retreat. While a military retreat is against everything that the proud history of Texas stands for, a retreat for seclusion is ideal. Texas has a number of smaller quaint towns--offsetting the hustle and bustle of its huge metropolises--that are well suited to quiet getaways.

In fact, Texas boasts three of America's ten largest cities: Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. In between, of course, are smaller cities that have their own offerings, such as small-town hospitality and friendliness. If the wear and tear of city life gets to be too much, you're always close to a slower-paced small town.

Change Gears with a Retreat

A retreat lets companies, families, or church groups slow down, collect their thoughts, and reflect. Getting out the regular routine--or rut, if it's getting too routine--is important for individuals and businesses alike. Traditionally, people return to nature to recharge their batteries, and Texas has miles and miles of beautiful rustic nature.

The center of the state--the area between the three big cities and the capitol, Austin--is dotted with inns and bed and breakfasts that double as retreat centers. Imagine getting out of town so far that you're in a different time: turn-of-the-century inns and plantations are perfect for getting away from it all. You can even hold a retreat at a cattle ranch--talk about getting back to nature! It's so lovely, you won't want to go home.

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