Texas Wedding

Written by Mary Evans
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My girlfriend Sara and I have recently become engaged and although the wedding is far down the road, we've looked into some of the wedding planning. It's a lot to take in at once. Not only are there a lot of facets to a wedding--venues, attendees, and events are just broad categories--but each one has its own world of details and options.

Size Matters

We will probably have a smaller wedding, and that means we have a lot of options when it comes to the location of both the wedding and the reception. In fact, many places are equipped to handle both--remember to check if they have cooking facilities on site or will have to have caterers provide them. Some venues have room for music and other large-scale activities; it's another item to put on the consideration list.

A smaller wedding also allows us to consider some unique venues that can't handle much larger groups or events. A bed and breakfast, for instance, could host a wedding and cater the reception if our group and their facilities were comparable. We'd rather have a wedding at a smaller unique place than a larger generic one.

Folks Are Friendly Deep in the Heart of Texas

Sara and I visited Texas together and were both amazed at the gracious nature of everyone we met. The cliche of Southern hospitality is only a cliche because it's true: we felt very welcome everywhere we went. Texas also conveys the optimism that is common in the West, too.

We are leaning toward a casual rather than formal wedding, and some of the smaller Texan towns might be a nice backdrop. A country wedding seems to have a less formal air about it. We are more concerned with having a comfortable time than being formal, and friendly folks and casual settings seem to encourage that.

The Mariposa Ranch Will Take You Back in Time

I'm a history buff and am always drawn to historic regions of states. The Mariposa Ranch is a century-old ranch in Brenham, located in the central area of the Lone Star state. The ranch is still operating much as it did one hundred years ago, but the original ranch house has been turned into a quaint bed and breakfast. In fact, other buildings from the 1800s have been brought to the ranch and likewise made into accommodations.

Each room at the Mariposa is decorated in period artifacts and furnishings, including historic maps of Texas from its Mexican, Republican, and early American periods. The spirit of early Texas permeates the grounds, as the memories of Steven Austin, Davy Crockett, and the Alamo are always in the forefront. Plus, the ranch has plenty of room for hosting weddings, receptions, seminars, and all sorts of meetings.

Brenham is famous for its flowers--bluebonnets and roses dominate, but there are plenty of others--and is near a wide array of natural and cultural offerings. Antique fairs, presidential libraries, colleges, lakes, and starry nights all vie for your attention. There is plenty for the happy couple and their guests to do while in Central Texas.

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