Texas Wedding Planning

Written by Mary Evans
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Planning a wedding is a time consuming event that sometimes borders on frustrating. I know all too well: my fiance and I are engaged and just looking into the first stages of planning our wedding. I find the shear number of details to be overwhelming; for every event or aspect of the ceremony, there are dozens of possible options to choose from.

For example, a wedding location is one of the first conditions that needs to be established. Each state in the union has venues that range from casual to formal, urban to rustic, intimate to grand. Take Texas, for instance. Right in the middle of the central immense cities are a number of smaller locations that are definitely off the beaten path.

Secluded Cities Can Be Quite Charming

A hideaway inn or bed and breakfast is both large and small enough to host a wedding. The Mariposa Ranch in Brenham, for instance, is large enough to accommodate nearly 50 guests and everything you'd need for a country wedding. The staff can supply custom meals, rooms for all your guests, and great views of the rustic Texas countryside.

The staff is also small enough to give great attention to exactly what you need; they'll go out of their way to make sure your wedding plans are followed to a T. Texas is a friendly state, and part of that carries over into the great service that bed and breakfasts are famous for. Let them handle the stressful details while you enjoy a charming vacation getaway.

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