Texas Wedding Receptions

Written by Robert Mac
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Texas wedding receptions put a little "yee-haw" in your "I do." Central Texas in particular is known for its wide-open spaces, natural beauty, and down-home friendliness. As a matter of fact, the name Texas comes from a Native American word meaning friend, and that attitude permeates the state.

Something for Everyone

One of the Lone Star State's other claims to fame is its size--until Alaska joined the U.S., Texas was by far the largest state in the union. Its massive area covers a lot of ground, literally and figuratively: the never-ending fields of flowers, various lakes and rivers, and rugged mountains appeal to all sorts of tastes. There is plenty to do outside when you're deep in the heart of Texas.

Let's not forget city life, either. Texas is home to three of America's largest cities, each humming with the offerings of an urban world: universities, museums, and sport stadiums are just some of the nearby attractions. A wedding in Texas has a lot of potential activities in the background for wedding attendees of all ages.

A popular option for wedding receptions is to take advantage of something uniquely Texan--a working cattle ranch. The Mariposa Ranch is not only a quaint bed and breakfast inn, but a ranch, too. Its seclusion and historic buildings are a perfect place for a charming wedding reception, with plenty of room for all the guests--and a private cottage for the happy couple, too. The staff will arrange all the particulars, so you can spend your time enjoying the countryside instead of the worrying about the wedding details.

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