Texas Wedding Sites

Written by Mary Evans
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Texas wedding sites vary as much as the landscape of the State of Texas does: from beaches to plains to rugged hills to flower-strewn fields. Texas isn't just wide geographically, but the cities and towns also range greatly, too. The Lone Star state has metropolitan areas that thrive with commerce and modern big-city activities and small towns that don't even show up on some maps that are quiet and even send you back in time.

Historic Sites are Memorable and Serene

The birth of Texas as a republic--before joining the United States--begins in the heart of the state, in a small town called Washington. It was there that state delegates met while the Alamo was under attack; they decided to secede from Mexico, and Texas was born. Washington and the surrounding areas have been preserved as historic reminders of that important era.

Nearby are other towns and businesses that each do their part to keep Texas's proud heritage alive; the overall effect is going back to a calmer, less hectic time. Some couples want to have a wedding in a more relaxed environment and state of mind, and historic places capture that mood. Weddings are venerable ceremonies, filled with tradition; having them in historic sites emphasizes their long-standing significance.

Brenham, Texas is one area rich with old-school Texas history. It's down the road from Washington, near Round Top (home of one of the world's most famous antique shows), and home to the Mariposa Ranch, a 1800s cattle ranch that is now a bed and breakfast. It's quiet, secluded, and has a wonderful backdrop--it's the bluebonnet capital of the world. A wedding there would capture the beauty, serenity, and history of Texas.

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