Thinking Of A Greece Vacation? Try Milos

Written by stynak
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Milos is an island on the Aegean Sea and is one of the most exotic destinations in the world. With a rich historical and cultural background, the place is an ideal location for anyone who wishes to have an unforgettable vocation or holiday.

The island is engulfed in color with olive, arbutus, orange and cypress tress all over the island. Vines make up part of the enchanting landscape and the historical landmarks dating back to the Roman Golden Age captivate your instincts.

The lush green landscape is not the only thing to keep you enjoying the island; there are lots of beaches also. The sand comes in all colors; from white to black and different shades of blue and green. Enjoy yourself in the cool beaches that are not spoilt, with restaurants or loud music in the vicinity, except during the party months of July and August.

Dining in Milos gives you an exquisite exotic experience that you will not want to easily forget. The local gourmet features cabbage, eggplant, potatoes, garlic sauce, zucchini and pork. Any tourist will be teased with the aroma emanating from the local restaurants. Do not forget to taste the cheese made from goat milk and grab a bottle of locally made wine or those imported from Crete.

Milos is all about thrill and delight. The color, music, cuisine and mythological mystery make the destination a top place to consider. Your vocation will be perfect in the beaches of the island as you enjoy the beauty and splendor of the scenery.

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