Aruba Time Share Resales

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Of all the Caribbean Islands, Aruba is perhaps the most sought after vacation destination. The entire Caribbean enjoys warm weather all year. All the islands have their share of natural beauty. What sets Aruba apart, however, is its dry climate. Aruba is a desert island that hurricane season eludes each and every year. As a result, Aruba time share owners have great bargaining power when they want to exchange their annual vacations for stays at other locations.

Another point to consider is safety. People who have visited Jamaica often say they felt in danger immediately after stepping outside their resorts due to the high crime rate. Puerto Rico is also known for having a relatively high crime rate. The same cannot be said of Aruba. When I visited, one of the tour guides said that in the past five years, there had only been one murder on the island. Of course, you'd prefer the number to be zero, but one murder every five years is a rate most people can live with. Because of the great weather and overall safety, my wife and I purchased a time share in Aruba during our honeymoon.

Life on Aruba

Aruba is Dutch owned. The laws in Aruba are identical to those of the Netherlands, except that drugs are illegal and the decency laws are much, much stricter in Aruba. The differences in law between Aruba and the Dutch motherland can be attributed to American values. At any given point in time, American tourists far outnumber the locals on the island. Because the island's tourism economy is so reliant on Americans, the island cannot afford to rebel against the United States.

Aruba natives take pride in calling their home "One Happy Island." In the ten days I stayed there, I met exactly zero unhappy people. Of course, there were a few Americans here and there who may have brought a little too much baggage with them, but the locals seem to make hospitality and friendliness a way of life. Aruba is a true vacation island, perfect for romantic vacations or family getaways.

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