Fractional Home Ownership

Written by Diane Sievert
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Fractional home ownership is not nearly as complicated a business as it might seem to a newcomer. There are a few very simple types of fractional home ownership. The following is a guide to the ever-burgeoning world of fractionals.

The Various Kinds of Fractional Home Ownership

The most popular kind of fractional is the PRC, private residence club. These clubs offer high-end condominiums, town homes, and individual houses that come with access to all the common areas as well. In addition to the aforementioned access, PRCs are equipped with services that rival luxury hotels. It's very common for private chefs and butlers to be available to you at a PRC.

The other kind of fractional home ownership offers buyers the opportunity to invest in their own vacation homes. These vacation homes are maintained by a fractional management company, but are not necessarily found on the grounds of a luxury resort. Though this kind of fractional may not come with the same kind of services you'll find at a PRC, it does offer more privacy.

Fourths, eighths or thirteenths are the most common divisions of fractional ownership. The fraction is typically purchased from a fractional management company. The price of the share will generally include maintenance fees as well.

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