Fractional Owner Benefits

Written by Diane Sievert
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Researching fractional owner benefits is a good way to get started if investing in a vacation home appeals to you. Though time shares are still a popular trend in vacation ownership, there are also several pros to becoming a fractional owner. Read on to learn more.

My Guide to Fractional Owner Benefits

If the time has come to invest in a vacation home and you want a place of high quality, fractional ownership may be the answer. One of the most important fractional owner benefits is the fact that it costs only a fraction of the amount it would take to buy and maintain a home of similar magnitude on your own. Like the most basic kind of time share, fractional ownership allows you to share both the cost and use of the vacation home with other investors.

Unlike time shares, however, fractionals tend to be more opulent. Fractional resorts, like PRCs, offer a wide variety of amenities on par with four- and five-star hotels. These include such luxuries as a personal concierge or butler, preferred tee times, etc.

Besides the many other fractional owner benefits, the most obvious is the simple ability to purchase your dream vacation home. Why go and buy a condo outright that you only plan on using a few weeks of the year when you can split the costs for a share of a truly magnificent vacation home? In the end, you'll have a place you want to use year after year.

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