Fractional Resort Amenities

Written by Diane Sievert
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Fractional resort amenities are one of the most attractive features of resort membership. There are some luxury time shares out there, but they seldom come with the kind of amenities you'll find at a fractional resort. The services offered by fractional resorts mirror those of the finest hotels.

My Guide to Fractional Resort Amenities

Perhaps the most important fractional resort amenities are the staff services. Fractional resorts offer more than your typical maid and room service. Fractional resorts will often supply personal concierges and/or butlers, personal chefs, nannies, physical trainers--you name it!

In addition to an extended serving staff, fractional resorts also offer the finest in grounds and activities. Pristine private pools and hot tubs, preferred tee times, and favored tennis reservations are just a few of the attractions you'll find at a fractional resort. Other common areas tend to be just as opulent.

In addition to the above-mentioned fractional resort amenities, you'll find there are more benefits to the luxury resort atmosphere. For instance, the high-end price tag of fractional ownership ensures a certain amount of exclusivity. Fractional owners can thereby avoid the maddening problems associated with over-crowding at less luxurious resorts.

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