Fractional Resort Development

Written by Diane Sievert
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Fractional resort development is currently an untapped market. Resort development in and of itself is not a new product, but there has been an increased interest in the more luxurious end. The fractional resort is turning into a most lucrative business.

Why Consider Fractional Resort Development?

At this junction, fractionals are a relatively new commodity and in high demand. There are more resorts than we know what to do with, but the luxury associated with a fractional resort is less common. Fractionals meet the need for vacation homes of superior quality without the hassles and cost of an individually owned second home.

Fractional resort development is a wise investment for the savvy entrepreneur. The target consumer is the upper echelon of society, executives and other wealthy professional looking for all the pros associated with a vacation home without having to individually own and maintain one. In other words, it's a class with money to spend.

The three kinds of developers involved with fractional resort development are as follows: the individual entrepreneur, more established developers of major resorts, and large development companies who both build and operate various kinds of resorts both nationally and internationally. Individual entrepreneurs are best off developing in areas where high-end resorts are few and far between since the larger development companies will likely have a higher budget and be able to afford the more exclusive and popular vacation destinations. However, entrepreneurs ready and willing to consider joint ventures and trading policies with other fractional resorts can still make a notable profit.

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