Fractional Resort Management

Written by Diane Sievert
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Fractional resort management is a lucrative and rapidly expanding business. Unlike typical time share management, fractional management serves a different class of individuals. Therefore, the location of and services offered by a fractional resort will differ from the traditional time share.

My Guide to Successful Fractional Resort Management

Since fractional resorts cater to the upper classes, they are generally situated in more exclusive vacation spots. Fractional resort management will need to address the needs of consumers in this particular vacation spot. For example, a fractional in Aspen will be managed differently than a fractional in Florida.

Services offered by a fractional resort will go above and beyond the services offered by most time shares. Amenities at fractional resorts include extended staff services (personal chefs, concierges, nannies, etc.) as well as a myriad of activity options (preferred tee times, physical trainers, spa treatments, personal pools, etc.). Failure to provide said services could mar the image of the resort management.

Perhaps the most important aspect of fractional resort management is recognizing your clientele and meeting their individual needs. The typical fractional owner is a high-level executive or professional and it is his or her time that is most valuable. Making sure his or her every vacation desire is immediately taken care of will be essential to maintaining customer satisfaction.

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