Fractional Resort Marketing

Written by Diane Sievert
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Fractional resort marketing must be distinguished from time share marketing in order to be successful. Attempt to follow similar marketing strategies and you'll find your sales slacking. The most important thing to remember when devising a marketing policy for fractionals is to consider the status of your consumer.

Tips for Successful Fractional Resort Marketing

Traditional time share sales strategies rely heavily on mass merchandising. However, sales gimmicks or high-pressure sales tactics will not impress the fractional consumer. Fractional consumers tend to be very successful professionals, executives and entrepreneurs; these are people who make upwards of 350,000 dollars a year and your fractional resort marketing policies should reflect this knowledge.

Successful fractional resort marketing strategies rely on relationship selling. The potential buyer will likely repeat visits to the site, carefully considering the pros and cons of the purchase. As time tends to be the consumer's most precious asset, highlighting the economic prudence of a fractional vacation home complete with every luxury is generally the best way to go.

The main source of competition will not be time shares. Potential consumers are most likely considering either other fractionals or wholly owned vacation real estate. Systems associated with time shares, like rental pools and lock-off rooms, will mar the image of exclusivity potential consumers find so appealing.

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